Hewlett Gallery Exhibition History 1999 to 1992


High Ly Strung  Margery Amdur  Art installation

Melting Souls  Entang Wiharso  Paintings

Taliesin Apprentices: Seven Decades of Organic Architecture Architectural exhibition

Typography That Moves You  Graphic design exhibit

Between  Paul Coffey  Art installation

Form and Function in Drama  Carnegie Mellon Drama  Theatre design exhibit

Making and Unmaking  Margaret Wagner  Art installation

s/citing science  Adele Henderson  Prints, painting, mixed media


The Distance from Breath to Sunrise  Marlene AronArt installation

Mother Tongue / Name of the Land  Satoru Takahashi & Keiko Kurachi Art installation

The Paintings of Valentin Lustig  Curated by Edith Balas  Paintings

Lush Life  Charles Cave honoring Billy Strayhorn  Art installation

Soft, Hard & Loud   Joanna Commandaros, Karen Page, and Dennis Childers  Art installation

Designing Drama: Form and Function  Carnegie Mellon Drama  Theatre design

Hewlett Café  Wats:on? Festival of the Arts, College of Fine Arts  Installation

Be Here Now  Michael Grothusen  Architectural installation

Fiction  Myron Helfgott  Sculptures installation


Flesh and Blood  The Slavick Sisters: Susanne, Sarah, Madeleine and elin Slavick  group exhibit

Artists of a Different Caliber  60+Metal Artists  Metal art from guns group exhibit

Trek of Tears  Martha Rial  Documentary photography

“Patty!...Set the Table!”  Patty Gallagher  Art installation

The Statue of Mirrors  Laura Brungard (dance) Brett Day (sculpture) Lisa Miles (music)

Lederman  Chris Pacione and Astro Teller  Computer art installation

Color Objects  Iso Wagner  Site-specific art installation

The Process Behind the Scenes  Carnegie Mellon Drama  Theatre design exhibit

Passage  Anne Wolf  Art installation

Flying Against the Ceiling  Cara Jaye  Site-specific photographic installation


A Campus Renewed: A decade of building at Carnegie Mellon Martin Aurand  Architecture exhibit

Boxes  Group A  Mixed media group exhibit

Agnosia: knowing by not knowing  Salo Rawet  Sculptures

Staged Realities  Jennifer Formica and Timothy SellersBuilt photography

Equation: gallery-art+green house=reclamation  Reiko Goto  Art installation

The Parthenon Project   Judith Turner(photography) & Paul Rosenblatt  Architectural installation

The Process Behind the Scenes  Carnegie Mellon Drama Theatre design exhibit

Disembodied  Leah Crowley  Art installation

Alchemical Blue  Janet Towbin  Mixed media installation

19 Solar Years  Drea Howenstein, sound by Bob Snyder  Art installation


Spirit Visions  P. Lynn Cox  Mixed media installation

Industrial Nature  Ron Klein  Sculptures

West Meets East  Alan West  Folding Screens exhibit

Orbit Terrarum  Jeroen van Westen  Mixed media installation and art books

Too Much Not Enough  Annetta Kapon  Multi media installation

New Designs for the Stage  Carnegie Mellon Drama  Theatre design exhibit

From Values to Product  Curated by David Smith and Craig Vogel  Industrial design exhibit

Pages From the Book of Skies  Sculpture for the 21st Century  Rob Fisher  Computer art installation

Wedding Machine  Leah Crowley + Colin Piepgras  Mechanical wedding installation

Radiant Arc  James Loney  Art Installation


Prekop+Co  Martin Prekop and sons  Mixed media group exhibit

Reconstruction of an Aazudian Temple  Beauvais Lyons, Hokes Archives, Traveling exhibit

Stefan Stirbu  From collection of Edith Balas  Primitivist paintings

Omnea Mea Mecum Porto  Cooper Burchenal, Yamin Di, Catherine Fichtner  Paintings

Translations: From Mind to Hand  Boris Bally, Sheila Klein, Ries Niemi, ROY  Mixed media

Love Me in Your Full being  Hirokazu Fukawa  Site-specific art installation

Uncovering Pittsburgh: Architectural Dialogues  Jacek Dominiczak + Laura Lee  Architecture exhibit

Explorations: New Designs for the Stage  Carnegie Mellon Drama  Theatre design exhibit

Roadwork II   Michael Hachey  Monumentally scaled, site specific chalk drawings

Gluppity-Glup, Also Schloppity-Schlop  Josette Ghiseline & Chris Siefert  Paintings & sculpture

Ornithology  Michael Pestel Site-specific art installation


10’x10”by A  Group A  Site-specific group art installation

Representation, Computers and Architecture  Carnegie Mellon Architecture  Architecture exhibit

Between Earth and Sky  Erwin Kalla  Drawings and sculptures

Out of the Ordinary  Good Design for $20 or Less  Industrial design exhibit

Warnings  Lisa Link  Digitally processed photos and video

The Doherty Era Alumni Art Exhibit  group exhibit of notable Carnegie Mellon alumni

Seeing Thru  Marilee Keys (drawings) Petra Fallaux (video) Becky Mingo (dance) installation

From Process to Artifact  Carnegie Mellon Design  Graphic and industrial design exhibit

Explorations: New Designs for the Stage  Carnegie Mellon Drama  Theatre design exhibit

Interconnections  Carnegie Mellon Art  Collaborative installation

Micromemory Breakdown Potential  Chris Bowman  Art Installation

Solutions & Processes  Carnegie Mellon Architecture  Architecture exhibit

Ponko  Shigehiko Hongo  Interactive sound sculpture exhibit

Inspirations: A Beaux Arts Ball Exhibition  College of Fine Arts  Installation

The 1992 Artificial Intelligence Based Arts Exhibition  Computer art exhibit


Collected and Remembered  Chris Fetter  Pictures and prose from a cross-country trip

Sardegna Tours  Projects Abroad  College of Fine Arts

Aint I Hystorical?  Jay Good  Computer folk art

President’s Day Sale  Andrew Johnson  Art installation