Miller Gallery Exhibition History 2008, 2007 & 2000-2003


Works from 1988-2008  Nancy Crow  Quilts

MAYDAY!  2008 Senior Art Exhibition School of Art

A Moratorium on Make-Believe  MFA Thesis Exhibition 2008 School of Art

Transit  Carnegie Mellon, Kyoto University, Nagoya Zokei University, Tokyo Zokei University Group exhibit of ongoing cross-cultural exchange

Plastic Poetics  Ian Funch, Maya Schindler, Sarah E. Wood & Colin Zaug  Group exhibit guest curated by Cara Erskine


Julie Stunden  Paintings

Michelle Stitzlein  Sculptures

Patricia Maurides  Photography installation

Nakashima Revealed  George Nakashima Works from Carnegie Mellon Collection

Dee Briggs  Sculptures


Comic Release Negotiating Identity for a New Generation  guest curated by Vicki A Clark & Barbara Blooming with Ana Merino & Rick Gribenas


Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution  Traveling exhibit

Passage Shirin Neshat  Screening

Works  Dominique Blain  Mixed media instllations

Nothing isn’t Nothing  Roger Sayre  Art installation based in photography

384 Units  Senior Art Show 2002  School of Art

Happenstance  MFA Thesis Exhibition 2002  School of Art

Plenty  Nancy Davidson  Sculptures, digital prints and video


Birdscape Michael Pestel +Jeroen van Westen  Art & sound installation performance

Displacement  Simone Jones  Kinetic sculpture

Pittsburgh’s Spirit  William D. Wade  Photography

Aether Delanie Jenkins, Shari Mendelson, Linn Meyers, Paul Stremple & Paul Villinski  Traveling group exhibit

Perspective  Paul Warne  Digital art installation

Vocabulary  Dale McNutt  Works on paper

The Mechanoid’s Bloodline  Keith Piper  Interactive installation

Con|ceiling re-vealing Creating and Bridging Gaps in Visual Communication  Kenneth Hiebert  Graphic design

Just Another Market Mop Up  Andrew Johnson  Art installation

Sextet-à-Tête  MFA Thesis Exhibit 2001  School of Art

Reversions  Kimberly Burleigh  Counterfeit photograms

The George and Helen Spelvin Folk Art Collection  Beauvais Lyons, director of the Hokes Archives

Skating on the Eye (Patiner Sur L’Oeil)  Richard Purdy Art installation

Reflections on the Natural Way  Dan Namingha  Paintings and sculpture


Kindred Spirits  Marlene  Aron, Peggy Lynn Cox, Marilee Keys & Anne Wolf  Mixed media group exhibit

Nagoya Zokei Works on Paper  On Mino-Washi Japanese Handmade Paper  Faculty Nagoya Zokei University & Junior Collge of Art and Design

Digital Explorations  Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture and School of Design  Video screening

Cortocircuito: Short Circuit  Patricia Villalobos Eccheverria  Art & video installations

African Spirits in the New World A Celebration of African Religious Art and its New World Descendants  Sacred Art of Brazil, Haiti and Cuba from the collection of Dr. Frank McGlynn

New (re) Presentation of Latin America on video guest curated by Carolina Loyola Garcia  Video screening

Fusion!Artists in a Research Setting  Studio for Creative Inquiry  Mixed media art installations

Auto/Visual/Indi/Visible  Carnegie Mellon School of Art Faculty Exhibition

Get Empty  MFA Thesis Exhibition  School of Art

Swells and Extensions  Sharon Louden  Art installation

Conversations in the Rustbelt: Brownfields into Greenways  Nine Mile Run Project Group Art Installation

Living Documentaries  Termite TV  Video installation / screening